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H&H Water, Inc. offers a wide range of products to meet your water treatment needs. Below is a list of our most common products.

  • MEDIA FILTRATION - Removes suspended solids from feed water to protect downstream equipment.
  • REVERSE OSMOSIS - Removes dissolved solids, contamination, and impurities to protect downstream equipment or for point of use.
  • WATER SOFTENING - Removes calcium and magnesium(hardness) to protect piping, fixtures, and downstream equipment.
  • DE-IONIZATION - Removes ions from the water for high purity water applications.
  • NEUTRALIZATION - Raises or lowers the pH to protect piping and equipment, or to meet disposal requirements.
  • EQUIPMENT UPGRADE - Upgrade existing equipment with new valves, piping, or electrical controls. Our touch-screen controllers provide an easy and intuitive graphical interface for system operation.
  • ELECTRICAL CONTROL PANELS - Our UL listed electrical control panels are built in our UL 508A panel shop and can be custom designed to operate even the most complex processes. Alternatively, install our touch-screen controller to upgrade your future or existing system.